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Other Considerations

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We provide a comprehensive design and drafting service with all our flooring packages, which includes a full design certification of the floor. 

In some circumstances we will also design and certify conventionally formed areas including balconies.


To achieve the most efficient and economical slab design continuity should be adopted whenever possible. We recommend that these designs be undertaken by an experienced Structural Engineer using the  ULTRAdesigner software, or by our Design Department.  

For further design information please contact our Design Department on 1800 858 723,
or email      

Steel Reinforcement

Shrinkage Control Mesh

The typical reinforcement for an Ultrafloor slab is a single layer of SL82 mesh, which is generally used for shrinkage control and placed directly on top of the beams. 

Loose Bar

If required by design, loose bars may be added over the internal supports (negative moments), or at the end supports (positive moments). 

Reinforcement Rate

The typical Ultrafloor reinforcement rate is 6kg/m2, which includes shrinkage control mesh and an average amount of loose bar reinforcement. This rate may vary depending on the spans and design loads.      

Concrete Topping

In-situ concrete topping is placed over the beams, typically 60 - 70mm above the beams (100 to 120mm overall thickness) depending on the system used.

The standard concrete mix is 32MPa with 20mm Aggregate and an 80mm Slump.  


Temporary Propping

Ultrafloor slabs can span up to 10 metres un-propped, however the use of smaller beams with a central line of propping can often result in a more economical design.

In some instances Ultrafloor may undertake this propping as part of the flooring package.   


Balcony slabs can be designed in Ultrafloor, Precast or In-situ, with all options being fully compatible with the internal Ultrafloor system. 

For further design information please contact our Design Department on 1800 858 723,
or email    

Steps and Setdowns

Steps and setdowns can be easily accommodated by either setting the slab beams down (i.e. dropping the soffit), or by using smaller beams (i.e. keeping the soffit level).

View Internal to External Step  Detail           View Wet Area Step  Detail 

Services and Ceilings


Ultrafloor beams can be detailed and installed to miss all service penetrations and mechanical risers.

Services typically run under the beams, or within the voids parallel to the beams. If required conduits may be placed in the topping, with the location and number to be approved by Ultrafloor prior to installation.   

Fire collars and blockouts can also be easily installed on the top of the infill sheeting.


Plasterboard can be direct fixed to the underside of the beams, or to furring channels running under the beams.