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We provide a comprehensive design and drafting service with all our flooring packages, which includes a full design certification of the floor. For selected projects we will also design and certify conventional areas.


To achieve the most efficient and economical band design continuity should be adopted whenever possible. We recommend that these designs be undertaken by an experienced Structural Engineer using the   ULTRAdesigner software. For further design information please contact our Design Department on 1800 858 723, or email

Steel Reinforcement

Top Reinforcement

Negative moment "top" reinforcement is required in all Ultrashell bands and is typically located over internal supports.

Bottom Reinforcement and Shear Ties

Positive moment "bottom" reinforcement is required at the ends of each shell beam and can also be added along the entire beam length for increased capacity. 

Shear ties are generally required within the beams and are chaired up directly on top of the Ultrashell base.  


Post Tensioning

Post tensioning can be added within the Ultrashells for increased capacity and to achieve larger spans. The design is usually done by Ultrafloor and for selected projects we will also undertake the supply and installation of the Post Tensioning.  

Concrete Topping

In-situ concrete is placed over the shells to the finished slab level. The standard concrete mix is 32MPa with 20mm Aggregate and an 80mm Slump. 

Temporary Propping

Ultrashells require propping (frame support) with headers at 1500 cts along the length of the beams.  

For selected projects Ultrafloor can undertake this propping as part of the flooring package. View ULTRAshell  propping details

Support Formwork

The Ultrashells normally stop 50mm short of any support (column, wall, beam) therefore a small section of formwork is normally required at this junction. View Formwork details